Azure SignalR Service – Getting started

Azure SignalR Service – Getting started

The Azure SignalR Service is an Azure PaaS service that enables real-time communication. SignalR Service allows real-time bi-directional communication between your client and server. Using the power of Azure SignalR Service we can rapidly develop and deploy any real-time application such as monitoring dashboard, messaging platforms etc.

Azure SignalR service also enable high scalability, encryption, and Security. You have to use Access Keys to authenticate your SignalR client when making a request to SignalR Services. Overall this service simplifies the development and deployment process of SignalR solution. Moreover, you can integrate with other Azure PaaS services to build enterprise solution.

Creating Azure SignalR Service

Log in to Azure Portal, and Search for “Azure SignalR Service”.  Well, If it is already added to your “My Saved List”, you can pick the service from there as well.

Azure SignalR Service - Getting Started

Click on the Create button to start with SignalR service creation. Post that, provide the service name, choose the subscription, pricing tier and proceed to create the service.

Azure SignalR Service - Create Service

It will take a while to create the service. Once the service is created, navigate to SignalR service dashboard.

Azure SignalR Service - Dashboard

To connect with the client application, you would require Access Key. Click on the “Keys” available under “Settings” and pick up the access keys.  You need connection strings, which are associated with Keys, and that is what you would require for integrating with Azure Services.

Azure SignalR Service - Get Access Keys


Integrating Azure SignalR Service with Client Application

Integrating with client application with your client application would require Microsoft.Azure.SignalR NuGet Package.

Azure SignalR Service - NugetPackge

To start with a sample application, you can navigate to Settings > QuickStart option. It covers steps on how to integrate ASP.NET Core application with SignalR Services.  You may also check the Samples from here

Scale Up and Scale Out SignalR Service

Azure SignalR service is scalable and you can Scale Up or Scale Out the service as needed.

Azure SignalR Service - Scale Up Scale Out

Scale Up allow you upgrade the better plan for infrastructures including messages and instances. With ScaleOut you can increase the number of Instances.

Azure SignalR Service - Scale Out


Using Azure SignalR service, you can build high-performing Chat Application, Real-Time Dashboard with Azure Serverless Architecture.  Check out the Azure Solution Reference Architecture for SingalR Services

Azure SignalR Service - Azure Reference Architecture


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