Azure Solution Reference Architectures

Azure Solution Reference Architectures

Architectures for Azure solution help you design and implement secure, highly-available, highly-scalable and resilient solutions on Azure. Be it hosting web application or APIs, running services on a cluster, using serverless azure solution or a Azure IoT solution, we must focus on designing for the cloud solution. While the solution may vary with different Azure services depends on the need of the solution, there is always a possibility that you can refer some existing solution as a reference.

Azure Solution Architectures Repository provides set of references of architects for different areas of Azure solutions. If you are building a similar solution you can always refer and check how they were built. Refer to the below link for all reference architecture

Azure Solution Architectures Repository 

Azure Solution Architecture


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You can choose the distinct types of solutions, products, tags and the industries verticals to search specific types of solutions you are looking for. For an instance you want to refer to a Financial solution architecture, you can choose the industry as Financial Services to get the list of the reference architecture.

Azure Solution Reference Architectures : Financial Service Reference Architecture

If you are looking for reference architecture related to specific Azure product, you must filter with Product. You can select wide ranges of Azure Services and review several sets of solution for the selected product. For an example, we choose Stream Analytics here.

Reference Architecture for Stream Analytics

You can also search for the specific architecture you are looking for, and some of the solutions have graphical representation as well.

Reference IOT Solution

All in all, the Azure Reference Architecture is a thorough source for your reference solution implementation on Azure. Feel free to explore and check out different reference solutions.

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