Learn Azure IoT solutions from Azure IoT School

Learn Azure IoT solutions from Azure IoT School

You can now learn Azure IoT solutions from Azure IoT School. Ranging from Azure IoT, intelligent edge technologies, and other integrated Azure PaaS services for Azure IoT everything you can find at Azure IoT School. At Azure IoT School, You can easily access a wide range of content type to learn end to end IoT services. There are several paths defined in the Azure IoT School. Choose your modules and follow the path to get a complete end-to-end solution idea.

A school to learn Azure IoT – Azure IoT School


Azure IoT School


Follow your learning path, filter Services, Tools, and Languages. You can also categorize or filter the courses based on difficulty level. When you logged in, you can even also save the course that you want to follow.  This is a single stop place to explore on Azure IoT Hubs, IoT Edges and how to deploy them on clouds apps and on the edge.

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Following is an example of end to end path that covers Azure IoT Edge Introduction.

Azure IoT School - IoT Edge Introduction


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All in all, this is a great place of resources to start your learning on Azure IoT and Azure IoT Edge solution, moreover, learn at your own pace, and end to end.

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