Azure Cloud Backup – Start and Stop Backup Quickly

Azure Cloud Backup – Start and Stop Backup Quickly

Azure Cloud Backup for File Shares can be started and stopped quickly from Azure Portal. In the previous post, we talked about enabling Azure cloud backup for Azure file shares. Microsoft Azure Cloud Backup takes backup for file share based on the backup policy. While the backup policy executes as per defined time to take the backup, you can start or stop the backup as and when needed as well.

Azure File Storage – Backup Now & Stop Azure Cloud Backup

Go back to Azure Recovery vault services dashboard and select the Backup Items and Click on the backup item to review the File Share backup.

Azure Cloud Backup - Backup Lists


From there, select the Azure Storage ( Azure Files)  Backup option. Then, select on the “…” icon and choose Backup Now or “Stop Backup” option.

Azure Cloud Backup - Start and Stop


Also, you can go to the details of the backup option, and you can choose the backup now or stop backup.

Azure Cloud Backup - Start and Stop from Detailed


When you choose to stop backup data, you need to provide some reason and required to choose if you wish to retain the data or delete the data.

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