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Renaming Project Files in Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview

Visual Studio 2011 developer preview introduced numbers of new features with IDE. Along with all other features, you will find a  small and nice enhancement in solution explorer for file renaming.  Prior to Visual Studio 2010, if you want to rename a file in solution explorer ( Either pressing F2 or selecting “Rename” from Context menu” ) visual… Read More »

New Color Picker in Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview for CSS

CSS editor in Visual Studio 2011 introduced many new features for web developers and it helps developers to work with CSS more efficiently and organize way. One of the nice features of the new CSS Editor is Color Picker. While designing styles for web applications, web developers refers different tool to choose the color and color code. But… Read More »

Search and Filters in Error List Window – Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview

The Visual Studio “Error List Window” helps you display the errors, warnings, and messages produced during  compiling code, build, code analysis or even some other scenarios as well. We can click on the particular error, warning or message to get the exact details and cursor moves to location where error or warning causes. When we are dealing with… Read More »

Automatic Tag Update in Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview

Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview introduced a nice features that helps you to update HTML Start and End tag automatically. In previous version of Visual Studio If you wanted to update any html tags in markup you have had to update both start and end tags manually but, Visual Studio 2011 developer preview automatically update the tag with… Read More »

Page Inspector Developer Preview

  Page Inspector is a new tool that integrated browser diagnostics tools into Visual Studio . Yes, you can take similar experience  of IE Developer toolbar with in Visual Studio itself. Page Inspector works in Visual Studio with Web Application projects and Web Site projects and helps you  to easily inspect the web pages, Css styling, quickly diagnose… Read More »

Server Side Event Handler Generation From ASP.NET Markup in Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview

This is really a great addition in Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview for ASP.NET developers. If you are familiar with  WPF and XMAL development in Visual Studio, it should be well known for you, because  preview version of Visual Studio supports  generation of  event handler code from XMAL markup itself.  With Visual Studio 2011 developer preview, creating event… Read More »