What are Charms and how to use them

Amongst several features of Windows 8, Charms is one of the interesting feature that allows the user to interact with the device. As I have already told you, Metro style applications take up the whole screen, the thing that you can see for every app is Charms. Charms are context sensitive and can be modified based on Declarations and capabilities of the application. We will discuss on some of the capabilities and declarations later on and also you can check out some reliable windows web hosting here for the charms.”

Types of Charms

1. Settings Charm : Used to access settings of the application. They are generally contextual to the application.

2. Device Charm : Used to access devices that the application can use. For instance applications can have access to printing device.

3. Share Charm : Share charm is to share information from the application to various applications that supports sharing.

4. Search Charm  : Search is to search for anything.

How to Open Charms

Charms are special options for an application. You can open a Charm from the very left down to the bottom of the screen or use Windows +C.  A special menu will appear like below:

The charms are used to interact with the applications. For instance,  Settings charm will open the settings that are specific to the application.

There is another charm available to the device on the right hand side of the application. This Charm opens up either by swiping the touch sensitive device to the right hand side of the application or using Windows key + Shift + C to activate.

Both the charms perform the same action.

When you activate charm you always have an option to move back to the start screen by tapping on the Start Charm. The application will remain idle when you move to any other application until the operating system terminates it based on its own algorithm.

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