Visualize the Git history in Visual Studio Code

By | April 15, 2018

Visual Studio Code has several sets of git commands to execute and perform several tasks for your code repository. However, if you are looking to visualize the git history, you can use the Git History Extension from Don Jayamanne. This is an excellent and widely used extension for Visual Studio Code which shows you details of commit, viewing previous copy if the files, changes to the active line in the editor etc.

With this extension, you will find several feature sets for your Git repository such as

  • View details of each commit in a Visualize hierarchy
  • View history of a file or line
  • Compare a previous copy of a file against the local workspace version.
  • View the changes to the active line

When you have repository open in Visual Studio code, you can execute the command Git: View History (git log) from the command Plate. This will open the Git History Window with all change logs for the repository.

GIT History Visual Studio Code

You can then select individual commits for detailed change logs for each of them.

Git History Extension Sources

This extension also helps you in View and search git log along with the details.

Extension Details:

Download the Extension from Visual Studio Code Market Place

Git Repo for the Git History Extension


There are several other extensions for both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code which helps improving development productivity and achieving things faster.  Over the periods I will write about such extensions which I am using. Feel free to share your favorite extensions that you are using in Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code



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