Azure Cloud Shell in Visual Studio Code

Azure Cloud Shell in Visual Studio Code

You can leverage the power of Azure Cloud Shell in Visual Studio Code as well. Managing Azure Cloud Services can be done via Azure Cloud Shell or via Azure Portal. Using Azure Cloud Shell in Visual Studio Code can enable easy managing of Azure Resources. Let’s have a look how we can leverage Azure Cloud Shell from Visual Studio Code.

Azure Cloud Shell in Visual Studio Code

To start with Azure Cloud Shell in Visual Studio Code, you have to install “Azure Account extension” extension from Visual Studio Code marketplace.  This extension provides Azure Cloud Shell along with Sign-in to Azure and subscription management features. Once the installation is successful, you can launch the Azure Cloud Shell from command plate with “Azure: Open PowerShell in Cloud Shell

Azure Cloud Shell in Visual Studio Code

Wait for while to connect the cloud shell with the terminal.  You can then start executing your commands.  As shown in the above image, we just executed a simple dir command to list out all the subscriptions available.

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Before launching the terminal, you must authenticate the Visual Studio Code with Azure Account. Visual Studio Code shows a popup for sign-in.

Azure Cloud Shell in Visual Studio Code : Sign in

Once you click on Sign in, it will provide you an authentication code for Visual studio Code, against which you need to authenticate your Azure Account.

Azure Cloud Shell in Visual Studio Code : AuthenticationComplete all those steps to proceed with a sign in with Azure Account. Post that you can move ahead with Azure Cloud Shell.

With the help of Azure Account extension, you can also create a free Azure account from Visual Studio Code. Use command Azure: Create an Account for creating free Azure Account. You can also Open a new terminal running Bash in Cloud Shell using the “Azure: Open Bash in Cloud Shell” command


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