Visualize ARM Template in Visual Studio Code

By | June 21, 2020

If you are an Azure Developer and working in Visual Studio Code, this is one of the must-have Visual Studio Code Extension. ARM Template Viewer renders a visual representation of your Azure Resource Manager Templates. The Visualization of the ARM Templates helps understand the templates much faster and better way. The representation view shows all resources of an ARM template with the Azure icons and the connection among them.

Visualize ARM Template in Visual Studio Code

Install the ARM Template Viewer from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace. Once the extension is installed, open any ARM Template JSON in VS Code, and then just press ALT + CTRL + Q to generate the visualization.

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This extension support all the basic tooling features, including drag and move icons, zoom in and out. If you click on the resource icon, it will display the details about the resource.

This extension also allow your export the diagram as image.

Another great feature of this extension is to binding parameters with templates json. You can additinally bind the json parameters for more details with in the ARM Viewer.

To summarize, this is an excellent utility extension for Visual Visual Studio Code.

Give it a try.

ARM Template Viewer by Ben Coleman

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