Visual Studio Team Services Bug Tracker with HockeyApp for Universal Windows Apps

By | April 29, 2016

You can use HockeyApp to create bugs for crash reports and track feedback in several bug tracking systems directly.  In this post we will see how we can create crash issues as defect in Visual Studio Team Services.  The configuration steps are quite simple and can be achieved by following below steps.

Before your precede with the bug tracking, make sure you are aware of how to deploy your app to HockeyApp and how to enable the crash reporting for the same.



HockeyApp Deployment and Crash Log

Step 1

  • Launch the HockeyApp portal
  • Navigate to the App dashboard.


You will find the “Configure” option  for the Bug Tracker at very first time and when there is nothing yet set for tracking bug.

Bug Tracker Configuration

Step 2

  • Click on the “Configure” link
  • It will bring the list of all the supported services for bug tracker.

Bug Tracker Suported Services


Step 3

  • Select the “Visual Studio Team Services” from the list
  • It will start authenticating with your VSTS account. image

Step 4

Once authentication is successful, you can select your team project for the app and where you want to log all work items.


Select the  Auto Create Ticket Options Checked for both Crashes and Feedback , this will log the Issues directly in VSTS as soon as there are Crashes or feedback

Direct Crash Report and Feedback Log

Step 5

When there are Crashes , you may navigate back to your VSTS portal and will find same work item as been log as defect.





Crash Report Logged


This is really cool and very easy to track issues and fixing it as part of your development life cycle.

Once the bug tracker is configured, you should be able to see the “Visual Studio Team Services’’ option for the same. Click on it, to edit settings or remove it.


Hope this helps !

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