Obtaining the App specific HockeyApp API Token

Obtaining the App specific HockeyApp API Token

While using HockeyApp , with the help of API Tokens we can control the access rights for a single app or multiple apps. The common API Access token key (All Apps) can be useful for all the apps. But, in case you want to give specific access right such as only upload, or just a read only, we should create specific access token. In the Deploying Your Universal Windows Apps to HockeyApp using VSTS Build vNext post we have used a common API Access token.  In this post we will see how we can create an App specific API Token and using it for the same.

Sign in to the HockeyApp Portal.

From the set of Profile options  select the “Account Settings”.

Account Settings Selection

Account Settings will have set of options, and select “API Tokens” option for the menu below.

Account Settings - API Tokens

This will brings up the “Create API Token” screen along with list of all “Active API Tokens”.

Create API Token


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If you have an App created (in this case we have WallPaint app is deployed on HockeyApp), the App dropdown will list out the apps.

  • Select the app from the dropdown
  • Select Type of Access Rights,
  • and then provide the name.


Create New API Token

Finally click on the Create button to generate the API Token for the Selected App.

As soon as the API token creation is done , you should be able to get it into Active API Tokens list.

List of Newly Created API Token

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If you want to create your HockeyApp Endpoint for this specific App, use the newly created API Token while creating the End Points.

Creating HockeyApp Connection


Hope this helps !

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