Using Azure Monitor Workbooks for Quick Monitoring Analytics

By | June 9, 2020

Using Azure Monitor Workbooks, you can quickly make intelligent decisions on your services running on Azure. Monitoring Azure services are the key to running operation uninterruptedly. Monitor Service health, analyze metrics, logs, and traces can all be done from Azure Monitoring Services. Azure Monitor Workbook built top of Azure Monitoring Services, which gives you insights into your services quickly and efficiently.

Using Azure Monitor Workbooks for Quick Monitoring Analytics

Azure Monitor Workbooks provide us readily available templates in the Azure portal to get us started with different analytics on services.

To Start with, open the Azure Monitor Service and navigate to “Workbooks

You can start adding an empty template and create your new Workbook, however let’s see how we can use the existing one. We will select one of the Workbook, “Storage account Overviews” from all the available workbooks in the list.

That will bring all the Azure storage account under one umbrella and would display high-level analytics on transaction, timeline , latency etc.

You can drill down further by selecting any of the specific Azure Storage account.

That’s some great insights for any azure storage, and in a single point of reference we can see how to get the same details for all Azure Storage under any subscription, or you can switch between subscription.

Similar to the Storage, you can play around with other Workbook, that gives very niche and detailed insights for your services quickly.

Hope this helps.

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