Quickly Access all Shared Dashboard in Azure Portal

Quickly Access all Shared Dashboard in Azure Portal

Azure Portal allows us to quickly Access all Shared Dashboard in Azure Portal. You can share the Azure Portal dashboard with other users with having access to the same Azure Subscription. You can create your personal dashboards such as Azure service health dashboard, or any other Azure services monitoring or data flow dashboard and it could be useful sharing the dashboard with others in case they need the same.

Quickly Access all Shared Dashboard in Azure Portal

Before we see how to quickly access it, let’s quickly recap how to share Azure dashboard in the Portal.

To share Azure Portal dashboard, log in to Azure Portal, navigate to your specific dashboard and click on the Share link.

Share Azure Portal Dashboard - Share

Publish the Azure dashboard as “Azure Resource” to provide access control. Then provide Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to the Dashboard Resource

Read the complete post on how to share Azure Portal Dashboard – How to share Azure portal dashboard?

We used to identify the shared dashboard using the “Share Icons” next to the dashboard.

Identify the Shared Dashboards in Azure Portal - Logo

Also to quickly access them, have them tagged, or having different customized views you can search “Shared Dashboards” services in the Azure Portal Search.

It will list out all the Shared dashboards in a single place, where you can review the same also customize the views as same as for Resources and Resource Groups.

Hope this helps.

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