Tag multiple Azure Resources from Azure Portal

Tag multiple Azure Resources from Azure Portal

You can Tag multiple Azure resources together from Azure Portal. Azure Tags allows us to identify a specific set of Azure resources for the specific category, or logically organize them for better management. Once resources are tagged, you can filter, search or event organized based on the tags. Azure tags are just a name and value pairs. For an instance, consider you are assigned a tag for Dev, Staging and Production environment’s resources.

Tag an Azure Resource

To Tag an Azure Resource, you can just navigate to the resource dashboard.  You will find there an option called Tags in the left sidebar.  Click on Tags, then provide the Name and Value corresponding the resource and click on Save.

Tag multiple Azure Resources from Azure Portal - Tag Single Resource

Once you applied the same tag to multiple resources, up can just retrieve all the resources by selecting the specific tag.

Tag multiple Azure Resources from Azure Portal - List of All Tags

Tag multiple Azure Resources

While you can tag one by one resource for the specific tag category, you can make it much faster by tagging multiple resources.

From the Azure Portal, navigate to All Resources. From there select all the resource checkboxes for which you want to assign a common tag.

Tag multiple Azure Resources from Azure Portal - Tag Multiple Resources

Then just click on Assign Tags. It will bring up the Assign Tags blade, where you can just need to provide the tags name and value. Then click on the Assign Button.

Tag multiple Azure Resources from Azure Portal - Tags Name

This will quickly enable tags for all the selected Azure Resources. You can also add multiple tags to single Azure Resource. Also, you can untag the multiple resources in a single step as we did for tagging.

Once resources are tagged with the name, you can get all the resources for that specific tag name. Tag name also displayed on the billing information screen, there you can filter what specific group of resources consuming how much cost. This helps for overall cost management and monitoring of Azure resources from a different aspect.

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