Setting Up Noise Reduction Option for Performance Reports in Visual Studio 2010 Profiler

Visual Studio Profiler generates Performance reports which contains the data for analysis of current profiler session. The information might be heavy or you might not interested to consider a specific range of information for your application performance impact. Visual Studio profiler Tool provides a features called “Noise Reduction” which enables profiler report  to be configured for noise reduction by limiting the amount of data in Call Tree view and the Allocation view.

You can change the report view from the “Current View” dropdown. To enable “Noise Reduction”  for any Performance report, first change the view to “Call Tree


You will find a link called “Configuration”, click on that, the Noise Reduction dialog box appears as shown in bellow.


There are two type of noise reduction and they are Trimming and Folding. Definition for each of them clearly given in the dialog itself. You can setup the threshold values which you want to omit during report generation.

Configuration Noise reduction option will only available , if it’s enable. If you are not able to view the Configuration bar, you need to enable the noise reduction option from Profiler > Noise Reduction Option…”



To know about inclusive samples you can read this article  and more details settings for noise reduction read here  . Read this for complete walkthrough of profiling a application

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