Create Work Item in TFS for Specific Visual Studio 2010 Profiler Report

Visual Studio 2010 Profiler tool helps to create direct work item in TFS for specific Performance Report (.vsp) . Let’s say, you have just run the profiler tool and  after analysis you found some major changes required in your code or  you want some of other developer need to recheck the report for further analysis.

You can easily create a work item with type of  Bug, Task, Issue and assigned it to respective developer.

You need to follow the below step to achieve the same.

Right Click on the Specific Report, from the Context Menu, select “Create Work Item


Let’s assume, you want to assign this report as a Bug to a specific developer for further  analysis. So just click on Bug.  Visual Studio will create a  Bug definition with default description “A performance issue was found in the attached performance report”, add further details and assigned to specific developer. You can also see the Performance report automatically  attached with the task. Just save it, you are done.



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Abhijit Jana

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