How to change Default Performance Report Name in Visual Studio 2010 ?

Profiler reports (.vsp) contains the profiling data files from one or more session collection runs in Visual Studio profiler. By default profiler reports (.vsp) file takes the name of the application and then append a incremented number to make the files different. In this tip I am going to show how you can change the default name of the reports.

You can rename the file From Performance Explorer Window by right clicking on the specific reports which will give you option to rename the file.


But this changes is only for a single file. Visual studio provides the opportunity to change the file name as you want and automatically.

Right click on the “Performance Session File”  and select “Properties” from the context menu


This will launch below Profiler property page  window.


In General Section, you will find “Report” area, where you can specify the report name along with  options if you want to append an incrementing number to generate reports.

Save the setting, going forward ( For any new Profiler session ) all the reports will start with “MyReport_”


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Abhijit Jana

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