Linking Team Services (VSTS) accounts  with  your Azure account for Continuous Integration

Linking Team Services (VSTS) accounts with your Azure account for Continuous Integration

Before setting up the Continuous Integration, you have to make sure your Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) account is linked with your Azure subscription. I came across this for one of my personal account while trying to setup the Continuous Integration for Azure Bot Service.  In the previous we discussed about Setting Up Continuous Integration for Azure Bot Service , and during the process of setting up, the first steps was selecting the VSTS Sources.

However, after selecting the sources, I could not find corresponding VSTS Account / Team Project where we had our source code.

VSTS Projects


So, first you have to make sure your VSTS account is linked with one of your Azure subscription. To do that,  first check the availability of Team Services Account.

From the Azure Portal, More Services options, search and Team Services Accounts.  If your account has Team Services subscription, that will appear here.

Team Service Account
Team Service Account

Select the  Team Account. The details blade shows basic information of  VSTS account. If you noticed, you will find that the Subscription id is empty and the  “Link” button is active. Select the “Link” button.

Link Team Account ActiveThis will bring another blade, where you can finally verify your Azure Subscription, and finally click on the “Link” Button as shown in the below image.

Link To SubscriptionOnce this Linking process is done, if you check the Team Accounts once again, you will find associated subscription details.

Attached SubscriptionOnce this is done, go back to the Continuous Integration Process, Check the Team Account and you should be able to view the Team account and all associated project as well.

Connect TeamThat’s it.

This is very common and straight forward process. But it’s require to link your Team Account with Azure Subscription. Hope this helps.


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