Turning On/Off “Structure Guide Lines” in Visual Studio 2017

By | July 20, 2017

Structure Guide Lines ON / OFF

Visual Studio 2017 introduced an interesting feature that draw a dotted structure guide lines on your code.  It draw a dotted vertical line between the curly braces ({}) to identify the individual blocks easily.  If you hover over on the lines, it will shows you a tooltip with the opening of that block and its parents.

Structure Guide Lines

Structure Guide Lines

Of course, you may have seen this dotted line features with earlier version Visual Studio earlier, but as part of some of the Visual Studio Extension.  Now it is available inbuilt with Visual Studio 2017. This feature is enabled by default and you can take a control over it. Yes ! You can turn it ON/ OFF.

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Navigate to Tools –> Options –-> Text Editor–> General, and then you will find “Show structure guide lines” option is Checked.

Show structure guide lines

Check / Uncheck the – find “Show structure guide lines” checkbox to turn the guided line on or off.

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Structure Guide Lines ON / OFF

Structure Guide Lines ON / OFF


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  3. Tim

    Works great for js and cs files – but is ignored for cshtml files. Any ideas?

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