Last Session Debugging Value using Data Tips

By | February 22, 2011

When debugger hits the breakpoint, if you mouse over to any of the objects or variables, you can see their current values in the DataTip. This helps us for debugging Even you can get the details of some complex object like dataset, datatable, etc. There is a “+” sign associated with the dataTip which is used to expand its child objects or variables.

Pin Inspect Value During Debugging

While debugging in Visual Studio, we generally used mouse over on the object or variable to inspect the current value. This shows the current data items held by the inspected object. But this is for a limited time, as long as the mouse is pointed to that object those value will be available. But in Visual Studio 2010, there is a great feature to pin and unpin this inspected value. We can pin as many of any object and their sub object value also. Please have a look into the below picture:

Figure: Pin Inspect Value During Debugging

When you mouse over on the inspect object, you will get pin icon with each and every object’s properties, variable. Click on that pin icon to make it pinned. Unless you manually close these pinned items, they will be visible in the IDE.

Now If you pinned some data tip during the debugging, the value of pinned item will remain stored in a session. In normal mode of coding, if you mouse over the pin icon, it will show the details of the last debugging session value as shown in the the below picture:

This value will be active automatically during

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