How to use the editor in Azure Cloud Shell?

How to use the editor in Azure Cloud Shell?

Azure Cloud Shell provided an authenticated, interactive, and browser-based shell for managing Azure resources. It also provided choosing the shell experience for both PowerShell or Bash command. You can manage your Azure account using the Azure Web Portal or via Azure Cloud Shell. Azure Cloud Shell requires an Azure Files Storage, a cloud drive to be mounted as to persist files. Azure Cloud Shell has an integrated file editor built from  Monaco Editor.

Editor in Azure Cloud Shell

The Azure Cloud Shell editor supports all the basic editor features include language highlighting and a file explorer.

To open the Editor, you need to type “Code .” in the command shell and it will bring up the Cloud Shell Editor

Once the editor is open you can experience all the basic editor features including explore, editor.

The editor also provided easy tooling options for Open, Save files in the code editor.

The Azure Cloud Shell has an option to open the code editor directly with out using commands as well.

Related Tip: Azure Cloud Shell in Visual Studio Code

IF you are familiar with Visual Studio Code, you will find the command palette experiences similar here too. To launch the command palette, press the F1 key.

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