How to quickly refer all available Azure services?

How to quickly refer all available Azure services?

How do we quickly refer all available Azure services? The Microsoft Azure offers several services for almost every aspect of your solution that you could think. We categorize these services into PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS based on the nature of work each service does. While it’s important to understand the reference solution architecture implementation as well as sample code application to interact with services, you also need to learn about several services.

There are hundreds of services, and many are adding very frequently. So, you must check for newly available services which may help you in a separate way.  Furthermore, may achieve something better than what you are currently using.

Quickly refer all available Azure services

To get the list of all Azure Products, you must refer to Azure Products Catalogs which list of all Azure Services, features, and bundled suites. It categorized all the services based on types such as Compute, Networking, Storage etc.


Azure All Products
The best part of this reference directory is, it listed all products with details. You can just navigate and drill down.

There is quick and very easy alternative way to find out all available Azure services, and that is from Azure Portal.  Azure Portal has “All Services” section, which lists out all the services available.
Azure Products from Portal
You can search the services directly here, or group by name and categories.  This portal also marked the services which are in public preview release rather general available.

Azure - Preview Services
This is also a considerable factor when you build an Azure solution, that if the services in GA or public preview. You can also check the product status from Azure Services Directory as well by navigating inside the product details.

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