Preventing Security Warning Dialog Box for Projects in Visual Studio

Preventing Security Warning Dialog Box for Projects in Visual Studio

Visual Studio shows a warning dialog box as a security warning when we open a project that is downloaded from the internet or open a project by using UNC Path. The security Warning Dialog warns that project is not from a trustworthy location and which could be a security risk.

Following is the security warning message for a project that was downloaded from the Internet

Project Warning Dialog


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You can click cancel which won’t load the project, and if you select OK, the dialog box will not appear for further for this project. If there are multiple projects with the same solution, you can uncheck the “Ask me for every project in this solution

Preventing Security Warning Dialog Box for Projects

You can prevent this dialog box by following steps:

  • Navigate to Tools -> Options from the main menu.
  • From the Projects and Solutions section and uncheck the “Warn user when the project location is not trusted” checkbox.

Warn User when the project location is not truseted

Refer to this link for more details and some alternative ways to avoid the warning messages.

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