How to keep up to date on Microsoft Azure Services?

How to keep up to date on Microsoft Azure Services?

How to keep up to date on Microsoft Azure Services? rather, being up to date is a necessity in today’s era of technology, with innovative technology constantly emerging. When we talk about Microsoft Azure, it’s growing rapidly and updating very frequently. You can see very frequent releases of new Azure services, old services getting updated with new features, services are moving from public preview to general availability and there are a lot more, in fact, many more. If you are working with Azure, you must know what is happening there. There are several ways to keep up to date with Azure, however, in this post, we will focus on a specific area from where you can get all updates on Microsoft Azure.

Get Updates on Azure Services

You can get all the updates on Microsoft Azure from Azure Updates Sites 

This is going to be your one-stop solution to find out what’s new – be it new service, updates to an existing service, changes in price or anything.


Microsoft Azure Updates



If you are looking for any updates on the specific type of products, or types or platform you can easily leverage filtering features to narrow down your area.  For an instance, you can just filter on Node.Js on the platform to quickly find out recent updates on any aAzureservices for Node.Js

The ideal way would subscribe the RSS so that you have automatic emails whenever there is an update.

Azure Services RSS

Azure Portal also has an option named “What’s new”, that also list out recent azure services updates.

Azure Portal Whats New

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