Create new Azure App Service using Cloud Explorer in Visual Studio

By | May 1, 2018

App Service Creation from Cloud Explorer

Visual Studio Cloud Explorer Extension enables the developer to connect with Azure Subscription and view corresponding Azure resources, explore their properties, and perform several actions directly from Visual Studio. Cloud explorer provided an Integrated Actions panel for developers and helps in diagnostic actions specific to selected resources. While this allows exploring resources and their properties, it also enables the creation of service like App Service. You can directly create an Azure App Service using Cloud Explorer if you want.

The Cloud Explorer

Invoke the cloud explorer tool from View –> Cloud Explorer.

Start Cloud Explorer

Once launched, it would require your first-time authentication with your Azure account.

Cloud Explorer Launch and Authentication

Create Azure App Service using Cloud Explorer Tool

Authenticate with your account and select the respective Azure Subscription. If you have existing App Services, Right click on the App Service node and then select the “Create New App Service


Create New App Service from Cloud Explorer


Then in the “Create App Service” dialog window, provided details related to your app services such as name, app service plan details and create the app services.

App Service Dialog

Once app service creation is done, same will be reflected in the Cloud explorer as well. You can open the same on the Azure portal from the cloud explorer as well.


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