How to view the list of all local Git Repositories in Visual Studio?

How to view the list of all local Git Repositories in Visual Studio?

Visual Studio bringing several enhanced experiences and integration with Git Source Control. The new Git Tools integrated with Visual Studio brings several handy features starting from creating new repositories to managing branches. One of these enhancements includes view all the local git repositories in Visual Studio directly. This extremely helps to bring your local repos into Visual Studio faster.

List of all local Git Repositories

You can find the list of all local git repositories by navigating from “Git > Local Repositories.” Based on the previously configured folder for the local repos, Visual Studio will change the context for the local repositories. Then, you will have all the local repos on your fingertip. You can select the repos to open them up in Visual Studio instantly.

 List of all local Git Repositories

Change the Local Repositories Settings

Chancing the context for the the local repositories can be done from separate place. As a quick step, you can just change the folder by just using Ctrl+Shift+Alt+0 , that will let you choose the folder to map.

Additionally, you can choose settings to update the reference.

git settings

This will bring the Git Global Settings, which can also be navigated from Tools > Options > Git Global Settings. Under that update the “Default Location

git global settings

To create a new repository, by default it will also get mapped with the same path you configured, but you can always change the local path when creating the repository.

initialize a local git repository

To Summarize, though Visual Studio allows us to change the local repository location, we can also move these needed. Still, a List of all local Git repository features helps us find all the currently mapped repos from the common location and easily access them in Visual Studio.

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