Enable Scroll Override in Visual Studio

By | May 30, 2011

While using Scrolling in Visual Studio IDE, by default it scroll amount is fixed by number of lines. During normal development, when we scroll with in code editor,  the scroll amount by fixed line number is fine. But if you zoom out the editor code, scrolling wont be useful  as though we have changed the code editor zooming, still scrolling is available with fixed line number. To overcome this, you can use “Enable Scroll Override” features.

Enable Scroll override helps to scroll based on the  percentage specified in scroll value of visible file for all the zoom level.

You can navigate to this features by Tools > Options > Mouse Zoom > General 


To disabled this. just unchecked the “Enable Scroll Override” option


yeah, it has just a small help, click on “?” to grab it.


This is very small tips, but it might help !

Cheers !