Copying Widget across Visual Studio Team Services Dashboards

By | July 31, 2018

Copying Wizard across Visual Studio Team Services Dashboard

The “Copy to Dashboard” feature helps you replicating dashboards widgets in different VSTS dashboard. In your Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) team project account, you may have several dashboards. Each dashboard is a collection of Widgets. Some of the widgets need different configuration to populate data. You may want them in the different dashboard as well. Here, instead of creating the same dashboard widget with the same set of configuration, you can just copy it from the existing dashboard. It will help in saving a lot of time and effort.

Copying Widget across Visual Studio Team Services Dashboards

Open the VSTS Dashboard and select the “Copy to dashboard” option for the Widget that you want to move.

Copy To Dashboard

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Selecting “Copy to dashboard” will bring “Select a dashboard” option with the list of all dashboard. You can then select the destination dashboard to move the currently selected Widget.

Moving to Dashboard

This is very simple and straightforward ways to move your content across the dashboard and would save a lot of time.