How To Customize Azure DevOps Projects Process Templates?

How To Customize Azure DevOps Projects Process Templates?

Azure DevOps has everything you need to build your software product, from envisioning to put it into end-users hands. ​ ​If you are managing any project and responsible for managing the process, any time, you may need to customize the process template. In that case, you need to create an inheritance process, followed by customizing work items, templates and, other customization. In this video, you will learn how to create an Azure DevOps Project, an Understanding of the Azure DevOps Process, and customize the Process template to accommodate your business need.

Customize Projects Process Templates


  • Quick Overview of Azure DevOps Services
  • Creating a New Project
  • Understanding Process Templates
  • Create New Inherited Process Template
  • Customize a Process Template
  • Work Item Rules

P.S : I published this video couple of months back, I am re sharing this video as I am receiving similar question on this topics.

Change the Azure DevOps Process

How to change the Azure DevOps Projects Process?

Click on the Process ( Here it is Agile ), it will take you to the Organization Settings for the Process. Under the Boards section, Move to the Projects tabs for the selected process.

Click on the Change Process option and select the new process from the list of the available process as per your need.

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