Azure DevOps Integration Tutorial Reference

Azure DevOps Integration Tutorial Reference

Azure DevOps Integration tutorial reference can quickly help you search for right resources for your Azure DevOps Solution. Overall the process of Continuous Integration(CI) & Continuous Delivery(CD) capabilities allows us to establish an end-to-end delivery platform that enables rapid development & deployment and Operations (DevOps) of software system repeatedly with minimal manual work.  Azure DevOps Integration tutorial references provide a three steps process to identify and take you to right learning resources.

Azure DevOps Integration Tutorial Reference

To Start with, first, navigate to Azure DevOps Integration Page. The three steps process for Azure DevOps Integration involves

  1. Select DevOps Tools
  2. Identify the Scenarios
  3. Get Started

Choose the DevOps Tools such as Visual Studio Team Services, Jenkins etc. Let’s consider we choose “Visual Studio Team Services” here

Azure DevOps Integration Tutorial Reference - Select Tool

Then select the DevOps scenarios, for which you are looking for reference tutorials. Let’s consider we choose “Continuous Integration” for the scenario ” Trigger Jenkins Build from Visual Studio Team Services“.

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Azure DevOps Integration Tutorial Reference - Select Scenarios

Once the scenario is finalized, the wizard will take you to the get started page.

Azure DevOps Integration Tutorial Reference - Get Started

Select the “Show me how” option. It will take you to step by step reference tutorial pages selected as per the choice of  Tools and scenarios.


Azure DevOps Integration Tutorial Reference - Get Started Documents


This is quite helpful to get started with any Azure DevOps Integration. Rather searching for everything, you directly get the tutorial for what you are looking for.

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