Simplified Web project and Authentication mode selection in Visual Studio 2013

By | January 10, 2014

Selecting a new Web Project or choosing the authentication mode for a new project is now simpler than ever with Visual Studio 2013.  The new simplified dialog controls makes it easier to select a project type like MVC, Web Forms, Web API,  Single Page Application (SPA) etc..  The new project selection mechanism is allows you to select a project type with combination of  ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms or even of some other types.  Along with Selection of project type, you can choose the authentication mode.

Start a new instance of, VS 2013 and select File > New > Project, select Web from the installed template as shown below:

Select New Project

Fig: Selecting a new Web Project

With “.NET Framework 4.5.1” selected, choose the “ASP.NET Web Application” options, by providing the name of the application and location to be stored.

Select New Project MVC in Visual Studio 2013

Fig: Choosing the project

From this “New Project Selection” window, you can select what type of project you want to start with. You can select an Empty Web Project,  or even a SPA based application.  Or ! just combined them !

At the time of project selection, you can also select the “Authentication Type” easily by just clicking on the “Change Authentication” button .  Following screen will appear

Change Authentication With Visual Studio 2013

Fig: Changing the Authentication Mode
By default, “Individual User Account” is selected. You choose any of the available options depends on your need of the application.

On selection of “Ok”, Visual Studio will create a new project with the selected project template along with the authentication mode !

This concludes, that how Visual Studio 2013 simplified the web project selection and choosing the authentication mode.

Hope this helps !

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  1. Vuyiswa Maseko

    This is really an improvement. In most organisational apps, one does not need to create a table to maintain users. Active Directory can be used. VS 2013 now can help a developer in a form of Wizard to archive this. This is really nice. The project types now are not confusing,more clear and categorized nicely.

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