Bringing custom icons to your Visual Studio Code projects

By | April 24, 2018


Bringing custom icons to your visual studio code projects can be done very easily. In addition, in our previous extension of the week post, we have highlighted Git History Extension for Visual Studio Code. And, this time lets explore another nice extension vs code-icons from Roberto Huertas. Well, this is an excellent and widely used extension for Visual Studio Code. and furthermore, this extension brings some more life in Visual Studio code by providing additional custom Icons to your visual studio code projects.

Custom icons to your Visual Studio Code

VS Code Icons extension supports wide ranges of projects and several sets of files. Also, you can check out all the supported icons list here. In addition, you can enable or disable this extension by navigating from File > Preferences > File Icon Theme > VSCode Icons.

VS Code Icon Preferences Options

Icon Preferences Options

Here is a quick comparison of the project with and without extension enable.

VS Code Minimum Style Icon

VS Code Minimum Style Icon


VS Code Icon with Extension

VS Code Icon with Extension

It supports lots of additional feature including Custom Configuration, Icon Customization.  Also, you can read them in details from here

Extension Details:

Download the Extension from Marketplace 

Git Repository


In conclusion, there are several other extensions for both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code that helps improving development productivity and to achieve things faster. Over the periods I will write about such extensions which I am using and, may be useful for you. Well, feel free to share your favorite extensions that you are using in Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code

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