Using Temporary breakpoint in Visual Studio 2022

Using Temporary breakpoint in Visual Studio 2022

Temporary breakpoint in Visual Studio 2022 allows you to set a breakpoint that will hit only once. Once hit, Visual Studio deletes it automatically. A breakpoint notifies the Visual Studio debugger where and when to pause the execution of the program. Using breakpoint is one of the most common and basic steps to start debugging for your code. Along with Temporary Breakpoint, Visual Studio 2022 introduced a great addition called Dependent breakpoint

A temporary breakpoint can save time when you just wanted to check if the breakpoint is hitting or not to validate the condition. If you don’t want to check the subsequent hits, a Temporary breakpoint would be a great choice.

Temporary breakpoint in Visual Studio 2022

You can set the temporary breakpoint from the Breakpoint Dialog Window > Select “Remove Breakpoint once Hit

Temporary breakpoint in Visual Studio 2022

Once you enable the Options, You will find the breakpoint indicator has also changed.

You can also set the temporary Breakpoint, by right click and select “Insert Temporary Breakpoint”

Temporary breakpoint in Visual Studio 2022

This is very helpful when you want to set a breakpoint only to validate if some methods are getting called, or something is working in the code flow. Visual Studio will continue execution without stopping further the breakpoint hits.

Read More about Conditional Breakpoint: Use Conditional Breakpoints with Methods Return Value in Visual Studio 2015 – Daily .NET Tips (

And, Yes, You can use a temporary breakpoint to trigger a dependent breakpoint.

Temporary breakpoint in Visual Studio 2022

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