Colorize Document Tabs in Visual Studio 2022

Colorize Document Tabs in Visual Studio 2022

Visual Studio 2022 introduced several features to enhance the experiences and productivity while using Document Tabs. Visual Studio 2022 now allows multiple rows for Tabs by enabling “Show Tabs in multiple rows. “ You can now Configure colorizing tabs based on Projects and Extension Types. One of the advantages of having colorized document tabs is recognizing the files quickly while belonging to multiple projects.

Colorize Document Tabs in Visual Studio 2022

Visual Studio 2022 allows colorized documents tabs by

  • Projects
  • File Extension

Navigate to Tools Options Tools and Windows > Then Select “Colorize Document Tabs by” and Select either “File Extension” or “Project” from the list.

Select “Colorize Document Tabs by" and Select either "File Extension" or "Project" from the list

Once the “Colorize Document Tabs by” is selected, you can notice the tab’s colors which are getting changed based on either Project or File Extension selected

Colorized Document Tabs

Overall, Tabs access looks much cleaner and easy to access when you move the tabs view from Top to either left or right.

Colorized Tabs
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