Selecting right version while creating your Universal Windows Platform (UWP) App

By | March 14, 2016

Choosing right version for your Apps is an important aspect for the app development and release for your end users. There are different released version of  operating system, you can choose which one to target or support. By setting up these version, you can ensure which Universal Platform your app would run or even what is the minimum version your app would support.

You can set this up while creating a new Universal App  from Visual Studio.  The New Windows Universal Project dialog window first ask for target version and minimum version for your app.


You will have two options to choose.

  • Target Version
  • Minimum Version

Target version says the version of Universal Platform our app is targeting for where is Minimum version says, the version of Universal Platform out app can work with.

It  is always recommend to choose the most recent version as targeted version to get the all latest API accessibility.

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keep in mind, your targeted version should be always greater and equal to the minimum version selected. If you select the lowest version as targeted version, you will left out only one option (lowest version ) to select for Minimum version. This is very much logical as well.


To know more details about these two version, click on the “which version should choose?” link .

Alternatively you can set this up from the Project Properties Windows which was already available previously.


Hope this helps !

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