Quickly Check Azure Resources Security Hygiene

Quickly Check Azure Resources Security Hygiene

Azure Security Center provides end to end security management and threat protection for Azure resources. It helps in quickly check azure resources security hygiene. It is like your one-stop solution to finding out any issues very quickly. Azure Security Center continuously monitors the security status for all Azure resources. It provides a quick fix and highlights any critical errors that need immediate attention as well as a recommendation to follow best practices.

Quickly Check Azure Resources Security Hygiene

To quickly start with Azure Security Center, from the Azure Portal, Search for Security Center.

In the overview section itself, you will able to view a quick glance of the security state across your Azure Subscription.

To check the details of Resource Security hygiene, move to the “Resource Security Hygiene” section and choose the “Recommendation

It will bring all types of recommendation for your Azure resources.

In this section, you can search for specific recommendations, or navigate to each one of them and apply a quick fix.

A quick fix of the recommendation enables automatic fix of the recommendation, which is an excellent feature that helps solve several security issues for your Azure resources.

Alternatively, if there are specific sets of resource types like App Services, Networking you want to explore for a recommendation, you can choose them from the recommended resource list.

To summarize, Azure Security Center is very powerful and help identify potential security threats very quickly. There are lot of other features, which I would recommend highly to explore.

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