Programmatically Get Assembly Version

In this tip I will discuss how we can get assembly version programmatically  from a caller application.  This can be done easily by taking help of Reflection.  Assembly  Class contains a static method called GetAssemblyFullName() which gets the assembly that contains the code that is currently executing.

FullName is a properties under Assembly class which will return the full name of assembly the contains Assembly name, Version , Culture and Public Key Token.


Bellow is the code snippet for a sample assembly where I have created on Static Method Called GetAssemblyVersion.

public class ClassTest
public ClassTest()


public static string SampleMethod()
return "Sample Method";

public string GetAssemblyVersion()
return Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().FullName;


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Add the created assembly as reference in a console application ( or any ) and call the GetAssemblyVersion() method as shown in below snippet.

ClassTest classTest = new ClassTest();

You will get below output


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