.NET & C# – Back to Basics Series

.NET & C# – Back to Basics Series

It’s always good to look back and recap some of the fundamentals of .NET, C# Programming concepts.  Over the time we have published several posts on C# Fundamentals, .NET Basics, and some of the common topics on Visual Studio. Let’s have quickly recalled them in a single place.

.NET & C# – Back to Basics Series

  1. Back to Basics – What is the difference between Ref and Out Keyword in C#?
  2. Back to Basics – What is the difference between const and readonly in C#?
  3. Back to Basics – How to iterate through an enumeration (Enum) in C#?
  4. Back to Basics: Difference Between int.Parse() and int.TryParse()
  5. Back to Basics – Building Solutions in Visual Studio – Build Vs. Rebuild
  6. Back To Basics – Can we use both C# and VB Project within a single Visual Studio Solution?
  7. Back to Basics – Calling base class constructor from derived class in C#
  8. How to identify the project dependencies in Visual Studio ?
  9. Back to Basics – string Vs. String in C#
  10. Back To Basics – Delegate in C#

Will keep this list updates along with new post related with Back to Basic or fundamental of .NET topics.

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