Link Azure DevOps work items to an existing build

Link Azure DevOps work items to an existing build

You can link Azure DevOps work items to existing builds. For every work item, we can attach a development link such as branch, build number, or related work items. Linking work items to existing build can help in traceability, and associate existing missing work items for Azure DevOps builds.

Link Azure DevOps work items to an existing build

In general, when you are raise a Pull Request, you linked all the Work Items as part of the PR ( Most of the time it is enforced as policy ), that automatically enable the linking of work Items with the Build

link azure devops existing build

In case there are work items, which are not linked during PR, or some items which you want a link with an existing build you can do it from “Add Link Dialog

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For the selected Work Item, Under the “Development” section, click on “Add Link“. From the “Add link dialog

link azure devops existing build

From the Add link dialog, choose one of the build link types

  • Build
  • Found in build,
  • Integrated in build

Specify the build number once you select the “Link Type” for the build.

Find Build Dialog allows us to find a specific build with build number or based on the respective pipeline. You can also search for specific build within a given date range, also based on the status of the build.

link azure devops existing build

Select the Build, and Click on OK to link the Azure DevOps Work Item to an existing build.

link azure devops existing build

You can add only on build reference with your work item. In case you want to attach a different build, you need to remove the existing one first.

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