How to Monitor Azure Data Factory Pipeline?

How to Monitor Azure Data Factory Pipeline?

Azure Data Factory is a fully managed, cloud-based data orchestration service that enables data movement and transformation. We setup Data Factory Pipeline to transfer data or transform data with the help of data set and linked service. You can monitor the pipeline runtime and trigger runtime from the Authoring Tool. The authoring tool has features of monitor Azure Data Factory Pipeline.

Monitor Azure Data Factory Pipeline

Click on the Monitor link available in the Authoring Tool to monitor the data factory. It will show all the pipelines with their status. Status indicated by Succeed or by Failure. In case of the error in the pipeline execution, you will have the error message details.

Monitor Azure Data Factory Pipeline


For a specific pipeline, we can view the Activity by click on the “View Activity Runs

View Activity Runs

View Activity option shows the detailed of activity along with their actions.

Activity Details

You can rerun the pipeline from the pipeline details screen as well.

Rerun Data Factory

Monitoring for Authoring tool provides you detailed insights for the pipeline runtime and you can explore it further. Also, you can set up custom alerts and metrics for detailed diagnostics.

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