How to get number of Application Insights events from Visual Studio 2015?

By | August 18, 2015

In my previous post ( Using Application Insights right from the Visual Studio 2015 ) you have seen the different tooling supports of Visual Studio 2015 that enhance developer experience to use Application Insights. This post also talks about another small but really useful features that helps you to track / monitor number of telemetry events have been sent, right from the Visual Studio. This will help you to test if you events are getting send properly or not without opening the portal multiple times.

Must Read : Using Application Insights right from the Visual Studio 2015

Visual Studio provides a tiny toolbar for  Application Insights that shows the count of Telemetry events sent from the Visual Studio itself.

Application Insights  Toolbar

If you expand it, you will also find an option to disable the first time event notification.

‘’Application Insights  Toolbar  with  telemetry events count

How to Test it ?

Step 1 :

Follow the Adding Application Insights to a Windows 10 Universal App article to enable Application Insights.

Step 2:

Add a simple button and send some custom telemetry event from the application


Step 3 :

Run the application in debug mode, and click on Button, you should be able to see the the count is getting increased on every click on the button.

elemetry events

If you don’t see the “Application Insights” toolbar in Visual Studio, you can add by right clicking on the toolbar and select “Application Insight”

Disable telemetry
Hope this helps !