How to get list of attached processes in Visual Studio while debugging ?

While debugging in Visual Studio, we used “Attach To Process” window to attach a particular process. We can use the same window to attach multiple processes as well.  “Attach to Process” windows grayed out the processes which are already attached and “Attach” process comes as disabled if you try to attach an grayed out process as it’s already attached.

As shown in below below snaps, Attach to Process windows grayed out the processes which are already attached.image

In the above snaps, only two process has been highlighted. There might be case where we have many other process also attached.

Instated of scrolling through the list of all process, you can use “Processes” dialog window to see the what are the current process attached.

To navigate the “Processes” windows,  from debug menu, Debug > Windows > Processes [ during debugging ]


This will list out all the  Attached Processes with in your current application.


Apart from showing list of process which are currently attached, this window has several advantages as listed:

1. Attach Process : You can attach any particular process from Processes window ( Similar as Attach To Process window )


2.  Detach / Terminate Process :  You can terminate or detach any particular process as an when you required.


3. Automatically Detached when debugging Stop :  You can enable or disable the settings for automatic detach of process once done with debugging.


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