How to detach a particular process instead “Detach All” in Visual Studio ?

Visual Studio processes windows  shows the list of attached process and  it also helps to detach a particular process from the list of attached process.  Let’s assume you have 4 process attached with visual studio for current application. If you use “Detach All”,  Visual Studio will detach all the process apart from the process which can cause the termination of application ( like ASP.NET Local Development server for an ASP.NET Web Application )

To detach a particular process, first launch the processes windows from Debug > Windows > Processes. This will show all the list of attached process with current application, as you can in below image there are 3 processes.


Now, you want to detach only “IE Process”, you can simply do it from process attach window, by selecting “Detach Process” from the content menu of the “iexplore.exe”. This will help you to retain on other process in attached state.


Once you detached the particular process, you will have other process remain same.


Hope this helps, and you will try using detach a particular instead of detaching all process as an when required.

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