How to enable Tier Interaction Profiling ( TIP ) in Visual Studio 2010 Profiler ?

By | September 28, 2011

Tier Interaction Profiling (TIP) is the  Multi-Tier Performance Analysis feature in Visual Studio 2010. TIP  helps us to measure the performance of our application while our application doing some database interactions. This enables to see the number of time on data base query or Stored procedure executed during profiling

You can enable the TIP from Performance Session Wizard during start of profiling. Select the “Enable Tier Interaction Profiler” to enable the TIP.


You can also enable the same from Profiler  Current Session Properties. Right Click on the session file and select Properties from Context Menu.


This will launch the profiler properties page. Where you will find one section called “Tier Interactions” .


If you are running the profiler from command prompt using “VSPerfASPNetCmd”, you have to use “/tip” with command for enabling the Tier Interaction Profile.


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