Changing the Number of Functions in Profiler Summary View in Visual Studio 2010

In Visual Studio 2010 Profiler summary view shows the default 5 function names with the details of analysis. This numbers are same for both in Hot Path and Function doing Most Individual Works section. So, this will display maximum of 5 methods if they falls under hot path or individual work function criteria.


But you can change the number of functions in summery view up to 10 maximum and 3 minimum and will be displayed on summery view If number of methods falls under the criteria of hot path or most individual works function

To Configure this, go to Tools > Options  and Select the General section under “Performance Tools”


From the general setting view, you can change the number of functions as per your requirements. 

Let’s consider we changed it to 10 and below is the summary view for the same application



You can notice one thing over here, Number of Hot Path is still 5, because that the most expensive path that my application carrying, but “Functions Doing Most Individual work” showing the 10 numbers.

To make it more clear, let’s change the number to 3 and check out the impact on “Hot Path” area


Note : After applying the settings in Options dialog box, you have to close and reopen the report to see the impact.

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