How to configure Azure Health Chatbot for Microsoft Teams?

How to configure Azure Health Chatbot for Microsoft Teams?

The Azure Health Bot Services allows us to build a bot with a predefined set of data and build bots. With the power of Azure Platform, you can expand the chatbot across several channels, including Web, Desktop, integrate with Whatsapp, Microsoft Team, or any other external interface using Directline APIs. In this post, let us learn how to integrate with an Azure Health Chatbot using Microsoft Team. We will learn how to enable a channel for Microsoft Team and connect Health Bot using Bot Id. However, before starting with this post, make sure you read one of the previous posts on – Create your first AI-powered, compliant Chatbot using Azure Health Bot.

Azure Health bot Channels

Microsoft Azure Health Chatbot leverages the Microsoft Bot Services and connects with all the supported channels. Firstly, To connect with Microsoft Teams, navigate to the Integration tab from the Bot Management Portal. Then, select “Channels.”

Health Bot Channels

By default, Web Chat and Direct Line is Activate. You can click on the View” option under the “Action” to find the keys and related ids for integrations. For an instance, if you want to integrate the Web Chat into you a custom web application, you need the secret and keys from here.

List of Channels for Azure Health Bot

To enable the Microsoft Teams Channel, Activate the “Teams” option, copy the “Bot Id” and Click on Save.

Health Bot Id

Connect Health Chat Bot with Microsoft Team

The Bot Id is the key. It is the unique identifier for the Bot. To Quickly Test out the Once you have the BoT Id, put it on the Search bar in Microsoft Team and press enter. You will find the Bot available under the “People” category.

Health Bot Search on Microsoft Tams

Select the Bot and start the conversation.

Microsoft Health Chat Bot Conversation

Alternatively, Once the channel is activated, you will find the “Test” button associated with it. You click on the “Test“, it will launch the Teams Chat Window to test the bot.

As long as you are in the same Tenant, you can access this bot, and you can share this Id with your team, whoever needs the access and start exploring.

However, to share the bot across your organization and make the bot easy to discover, we need to publish it as a Teams App. In the next post, we will learn how we can extend this as a Teams Bot and start using it.

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