Help yourself in Debugging by using Call Stack and Immediate Window

Here I am going to show you the two important window of the Visual Studio which is useful when you debugging the project and to get the result on the fly during debug mode.
Call Stack Window
Most of the developer get confuse when they are debugging application “From which function call came from up to my debug point”, this happens when they are working the code design by some one else or debugging code of the dll.

Following is one common scenario which I notice number of time developer does.
In the three tier application developers always put the break point in presentation layer when the break point get hit they always check the data and the do wonder that which business layer method called >> database layer method get called by presentation layer to get this data.

The Solution is Call Stack Window which is part of the Visual Studio. Shortcut for it is
Ctrl + Alt + C or go to menu Debug >> Windows >> Call Stack

As you can see the image with the help of the Call Stack Window you will get information about the method get called, what is parameter value, line no of the method in file, is it external call or internal, programming language in which method written.

Immediate Window
It always happen that in middle of debugging you want to execute some set of statement or some set of function or want to check the value of the variable. But as beginner you don’t know how to do it at time of debug ?

You can open up the Immediate window by shortcut Ctrl + Alt + I or go to menu Debug >> Windows >> Immediate Window

Immediate window has intelligence support as we have in the Coding window of the Visual Studio so that you can easily make use of the function, which makes you task easy.

Pranay Rana

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