Filtering the Output Windows messages to focus on what is required – Visual Studio

By | February 1, 2016

During debugging, Visual Studio debug Output window shows different set of essential messages. This could be exception information, process exit information, thread exit information etc. However in many cases you don’t need them to view or it may distract you with lots of messages which is not required. In that case you can filter them out as per your exact need. This is how you can keep the debug output window as clean as you want also can focus on what data is required for you.

Visual Studio Debug Output Windows show the following types of messages while in debug


P.S : For C++ there is one additional messages

During debugging, you too can find the from the Debug – Output window,  just by right click on the Window


By default all the option are selected. All these options are check box. You can Check / Uncheck as per your need. So if you want to filter out specific type of data that you don’t bother you can uncheck them.

That’s how you can have a specific set of data in the Debug output window.


You can set it up from Tools –> Option –> Debugging –> Output Window as well


Hope next time you would start setting up the filter to have a specific set of focused data in your output windows.

Hope this helps !

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