Customize the content of Find Result Window in Visual Studio

By | February 2, 2016

Here is another tip on customizing the Search Result Window in Visual Studio.  When the results found, the find result window by default shows the file name along with the matched code line. By selecting each of the find result item you can navigate to the respective line inside the Visual Studio editor. In case you don’t want the associated line of code in the search result and only interested to view the search file name; you can easily set the search option from Find Result Dialog Window.

Following images shows the default find result content that has both matched files along the content line for each file.


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To display only the matched file names inside find result window, you need to select the “Display file names only” option under the “Results Options


Once you have this option checked, the search content will have only file names.


If you want to try out the “Append Result” (“Appending Search Results”–use same find result window for multiple Search in Visual Studio ) feature with this option selected, you can find the same result within same find result window.


Hope this helps !

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