Exclude Work Item Types in Azure DevOps Projects

Exclude Work Item Types in Azure DevOps Projects

We can exclude Work Item types in Azure DevOps projects by enabling or disabling them based on the business need. For any Azure DevOps Project. You can keep only work item types which makes sense for your project, and rest you can exclude from the project by hiding them. We choose project templates such as Agile, Scrum, Basic, or any other custom template during the creation of the Azure DevOps Project. Each Project template type has its own work item types or even we can add our own custom type.

To customize any process template, we need to first create an inherited process template, as Azure DevOps does not allow us to change the base process template.

As all the inherited process templates hold all the base process work items, you may want to disable some of them which are not required for your project types.

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Enable or Disable Work Item Types in Azure DevOps

From the DevOps Organization settings, navigate to the Process section, and choose “Create inherited Process” to create the inherited process.

Once you have a template created, you can view the existing work item types or even create new work item types.

Now, for an instance, you don’t need work item types of Bug, Epic, and Issues for your project, You only need Features and Task, along with newly created work item.

You can then select them individually and “Disable” them.

Once you marked them as disabled, Azure DevOps will indicate them as disabled in the work item list.

Once they are disabled, they won’t appear in the Project Board in your Azure DevOps Project for the applied Project Template.

You can bring them back anytime by enabling the work item types from the Project Process settings.

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